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Ninpocho Chronicles: My RP Character, Kashino Yuu by ArtAwakeLight445
Ninpocho Chronicles: My RP Character, Kashino Yuu
So today is the New Year, so I'll try something different. So instead of a character art from my fics, I decided to share my artwork from the RP sites I've joined. Namely, my RP character named Kashino Yuu from a site called Ninpocho Chronicles. On the left side, it's Yuu in his teens while the right character is when he was a child.

As usual, I just sketched him on my old sketchbook a year ago while I've just recently finished on lineart and color with Paint Tool SAI.

And of course, this character belongs to me. So no stealing!!!
ArtAwakeLight445's 2015 Summary of Art by ArtAwakeLight445
ArtAwakeLight445's 2015 Summary of Art
So yeah, 2016 is a few hours away in here and this could be the best time to recap of my recent artworks lately.

January: D.T. Character Sheet
February: My Own Profile Pic in Sketch
March: Data Character Sheet
April: UTD: Unconscious Transformation
May: UR: Investigations: Ocean Waters
June: My Colored Profile Pic
July: Calla Gale
August: Kani Kimura
September: Bren Revie
October: Shou Wakahisa (originally drawn a few years ago for Haven City RP forum)
November: GameLine Battleground: Virgil Tyson
December: GameLine Battleground: Virgil Tyson (Monarch)

Now that I think about it after I see these drawings, I did a lot of trial and error to get them right. Regardless, I'm happy to what I've done this year and I hope my drawing will be better during 2016.

Original Image: 2015 Art Summary BLANK

With that, enjoy the Countdown happening right now in and see ya soon in 2016! Until then, Happy New Year, everyone!
GameLine Battleground: Virgil Tyson (Monarch) by ArtAwakeLight445
GameLine Battleground: Virgil Tyson (Monarch)
Merry Christmas, everybody! We just released a plethora of fics for this Christmas season and to keep this holiday cheer rolling, here's a new drawing for the upcoming original fic, GameLine Battlegrounds! This time, here's Virgil Tyson in a different form!

Using an unknown energy after he entered GameLine, Virgil's abilities as a gamer heightened as he has now access to some new powers, namely to create dices to give him a higher chances of luck when he needed to. But he needed to use them carefully as using this power too much will drain him completely!

As always, I've drawn him as a sketch on my sketchbook first, then I've done the lineart and coloring via Paint Tool SAI. Also, if you want to learn more about GameLine, stay tuned for more news in my journals as usual.

In any case, merry Christmas to all and have a Happy New Year!

Virgil Tyson belongs to me. So no stealing!
GameLine Battleground: Virgil Tyson by ArtAwakeLight445
GameLine Battleground: Virgil Tyson
If you guys haven't seen the new fic in my profile and you mistake this character as younger Professor Oak, then you're wrong and you should go check it out: Checkmate

If you already do, then meet Virgil Tyson, the new hero of my new original story/fic, GameLine Battleground! Although he's still 10 years old and has an up-and-down luck, he is secretly a gaming prodigy who got invited by a god from another world where games rule everything. As for the question about his appearance being similar to Professor Oak from Pokemon, I wanted him to be different from him in every way, not only by age or originality.

If you want to learn more about GameLine, stay tuned for more news in my journals.

As always, I've drawn him as a sketch on my sketchbook first, then I've done the lineart and coloring via Paint Tool SAI. I have to admit, Virgil's shoes are very tough to color due to many shapes I have to fill in.

Virgil Tyson belongs to me. So no stealing! Also just in case since his appearance was based, I don't own Pokemon.
Haven City RP: Shou Wakahisa by ArtAwakeLight445
Haven City RP: Shou Wakahisa
I wanted to post something RP-related for a change since I wanted to show everyone that I'm not limiting my drawings to fics, but also to role-playing sites. This one however is the picture of my RP character in a site called "Haven City". His name's Shou Wakahisa and long story short: He's formerly an adult who got turned into a half wind spirit boy to restart his life.

Like the others, I drew him in my sketchbook before coloring him in Paint Tool SAI.

This RP character belongs to me. So no stealing!


Kathy Lualhati
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Favorite genre of music: OPM, K-Pop, Pop, J-Pop, Bubblegum Dance, Electronic Music
Hey guys! As you read CordellBridges's recent journal post, he just released full details about our two ToonSchool specials coming very soon! First off, the special which is based on a certain 90's basketball film.

ToonSchool: Power Rebound
After having their best season and playoffs yet, ToonSchool's basketball team, the All-Stars, looks to close out their undefeated, perfect season with a championship, becoming the first school in their district to do so. And with the coaching of Oscar Proud and Wizard Kelly, the talents of local hero Tony Clark, local prodigy Dennis Jackson, and the superpowers of most of their team members, the odds are in their favor, even against their championship opponents and semi-friendly crosstown rivals, the Lunar Pacific Academy Cosmos.

However, the semi-friendly rivalry becomes corrupted, when the Cosmos coach, Mickey's old enemy Pete, having lost the championship multiple times to many All-Stars teams in the past, becomes determined to win at any and all costs. To that end, he buys and uses a sinister invention to steal the powers and abilities of many of the All-Stars players, as well as other students and a couple of visiting superheroes and give them to all but one of his own players, hoping to ensure their victory. With a week to go, and their confidence and perfect championship season in jeopardy, Tony, Dennis, and company must persuade the powerless players to quit moping over their lost powers and embrace their true basketball skills within in time for the championship. But can the All-Stars win against their own powers? Or is their perfect season gone?


And here is the second, which takes place following Season 1 and before Season 2:

ToonSchool: Time's End
Max Bailey, a new, shy gamer arrives in ToonTown during the summer, hoping to make friends and make the best of his summer. Meanwhile, with the Toonsters, and the rest of the ToonSchool gang on their Around the World in 75 Days Tour, the teachers of ToonSchool decide to use the holiday to kick back and relax...except when they have to teach summer school to those who need it. However, strange phenomenon begins to occur as shadowy figures start appearing and start inciting chaos, and darkness begins to shroud the world.

These events bring Max and the teachers together, and unlock abilities for the former that no one could have dreamed of. When the space-time continuum becomes distorted and events of the teachers' pasts start to blend together and change for the worst, they and Max trace the events back to a fanfiction based on popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online, which they realized the events of it are coming true in real life. Using Max's new abilities, and some time portals, they must go back in their timelines, correct the changed and blended events and stop the one responsible, before all of space and time is gone for good.


Right now, we're currently working on these, so stay tuned for their releases! As for ToonSchool Season 2 itself, I decided to give you guys a few details to what's to come next season.

1. First off, we have three new members in the ToonSchool gang, two of them are brand new friends, while the other will be a mentor to Tony when it comes to Keyblade and his Keyblade gadget.

2. Like the students, the teachers will also have three new members. While two of the new teachers will be the parents of certain supporting students; the third will be the teacher of a class that was previously referenced but not seen.

3. The Snob Squad will have a new member as well.

4. There will be a story arc involving a major WOOHP villain.

5. Also, the teachers will play a much bigger role this season. We will see the gang in more classes, and the teachers will become more involved in their adventures, and even have some of their own. Speaking of which, their SRO avatars will return in this season for new major roles!

6. Lastly, being a hypno and dark freak myself, this season will include new hypnosis induced abilities. I can't say who will get them exactly. (evil laugh)

That's all I can say for now, so stay tuned for more info about Season 2!
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